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Whether you’re a business manager, building contractor, or home owner, you deserve a cleaning service that prioritizes your unique needs. At On It Services, we’ll create a cleaning plan that fits your schedule and keeps your home or office spotless at a cost affordable to you. Our hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaning materials ensure your space is spotless and germ-free. Plus, our trustworthy cleaning team is quick, efficient, and trustworthy, providing you peace of mind.

We provide a wide range of services to meet your specific needs, from COVID-19 disinfection to residential, commercial, and new construction cleaning. Learn more about our specific service areas and schedule a cleaning estimate today!

Residential Cleaning  

Our comprehensive residential cleaning services provide detail-oriented cleaning to the most important areas of your home. Each time we visit, we’ll clean and sanitize your kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors. We also target other areas of your home on a rotational basis such as drains, tile grout, and baseboards. Our thorough services allow you to come home to a spotless house after every visit!

New Construction Cleaning  

If you’re in need of post-construction cleaning, you can rely on On It Services to ensure your building is ready for move-in and setup. We’ll deep-clean your new construction to remove dust and debris, paying close attention to windows, baseboards, light fixtures, and air vents. We work hard to ensure your new space is spotless and dust-free by the time move-in day arrives!

COVID-19 Disinfecting  

Keeping your family and employees safe from illness is more important now than ever. Our comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services provide greater peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible to keep your loved ones safe. We use hospital-grade disinfectants and target high-traffic areas to kill germs and stop the spread of illness.

Pricing Information  

Unlike many cleaning companies who require a flat fee regardless of your space’s condition, On It Services charges by the hour. This means you don’t end up having to overpay for services you don’t need and saves you money in the long run. Our cleaning team is quick, honest and efficient, and we’ll work with you to set a cleaning schedule that meets your needs and budget. Plus, veterans and elderly customers receive a discount!

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